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Entry #149

donation has been made :)

2/7/14 by Clueless-queen

The 15 dollar donation has been made :D it is going towards the mental health fund for the IWK which is a childrens hospital. Once again thank you all so much for participating in my little contest. 15 bucks may not be a lot but every little bit counts right?


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You'll find it(!) Let me know when you do :) I almost forgot about that picture....

3/29/14 Clueless-queen responds:

yeah I found it lol Im an exclamation mark. Yeah Its jem...I guess since They have said they are gonna make a live action one I guess he thought the picture was fitting :)



Aww, Tom has one of your pictures listed in his news post today! Well, when I say listed.... it's the very last link(!)

3/29/14 (Updated 3/29/14) Clueless-queen responds:

what? tom? he does? omg...on his page?...holy shit! thats awesome..yeah he linked me on only the exclamation but my god...thats freaken awesome~!



:p she didn't even make the finals! Any sings of Spring up there? Getting snow again here tomorrow, a few days after the last drifts melted.

3/26/14 Clueless-queen responds:

thats too bad :( but spring yet

Ahhh, she's right behind you! Cool, thanks! You just back from work? How has your other half been?

3/4/14 Clueless-queen responds:

been off a few days actually :) the other half is doing ok

Wow really? Worked for me moments ago. And here she is
I had no idea French was her first language.

3/4/14 Clueless-queen responds:

ah! she is in the same city I live in. hence why french is her first language :) I voted for her. the drawing is really neat

Yeah, we've exported some bad things North :( I'll be making an appointment soon to check my blood and stuff. I saw an ENT a lil while ago: totally useless, a waste of 200$

I wonder if you could help one of your fellow countrywomen? You have to confirm your email after the first vote, and can vote again till the contest is over.... and since this work is atypical for the artist... I can't remember her username!! But she's a good person, and I hope she wins!

3/4/14 (Updated 3/4/14) Clueless-queen responds:

the link won't load for me :(



Thanks, I'll look into it. It's hard to spend money when there's so much uncertainty going on :\

2/16/14 Clueless-queen responds:

yeah :( I hope they find out whats wrong. We don't really have lyme disease in canada but it is making it way up here...



It seems most tests for tick germs aren't too reliable, so it's gonna take more than one. I don't have insurance and I don't wanna get raped :| Same with my sinuses, although I had insurance for that, which was raped, and I was none the better

2/12/14 Clueless-queen responds:

that really sucks :( if it turns out you have lyme which I hope is not the case, there is something called advanced cell therapy or ACT. I have a friend who has Lyme and she recommends it highly



Hmm, and the surgeon who did my back wants me under his knife again, but I don't want to risk 'failed back syndrome', and I can't do steroidal treatment, because of a likely bug I picked up from a tick bite, which would make things worse.... never ends. Do you have any brothers or sisters who live close by your folks?

2/10/14 Clueless-queen responds:

Im an only child :) tick bite? were you tested for lime disease? Im sorry about your back problems...its not fun for sure

I used to donate all my yearly change to the Salvation Army, come Christmas time. I haven't (in the longest time) seen any Veteran's groups in November though... miss getting poppies :\

How've your folks been since you moved out?

2/9/14 Clueless-queen responds:

both my mom and dads health is a bit off but they are glad Im doing well. My mom has a couple of surgeries coming up and my dad back is still hurting him from the car accident :( I myself am going to physio for my injury from the car wreck. the therapist says the damage can be corrected thank god...sorry Im rambling lol

Looks like the dough went to the right place!