2012-12-27 20:30:43 by Clueless-queen

We got some very icky weather here in Nova Scotia and some provinces have white out So I drew 2 new pictures today ^^ hope all is well


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2012-12-28 06:02:09

You don't get cabin fever that quickly, do you? Oh well, NG's got two new pretty pictures to celebrate your temporary capture by the Snow King :3

Clueless-queen responds:

thanks lol well I kinda have been suffering from cabin fever for a week or so now. My job is seasonal and the winter is off season. So Im trying to find out what to do with my time. we also have no car since it got trashed in an accident and me and my dad are still healing from our injuries XD


2012-12-28 11:40:02

I used to have a somewhat seasonal job before my car got crunched (along with me in it) last year. Glad to hear you and your Pop are mending... but will you be okay afterwards? I got a few bashed up cervical discs and one ruptured. Somethings wrong with my sinuses and ear(s) too.

Clueless-queen responds:

my dad has a fractured disk :( It will heal but it won't go back in place again. I banged my knee pretty bad and have suffered some nerve damage in it. The doctor tell me it will be a while before my knee heals fully. I am able to work though my dad isn't however. thank you for your well wishes! and I am sorry about your accident. being close to death is pretty horrifying. lot of people said we were lucky