upcoming art

2012-12-28 17:06:11 by Clueless-queen

So the 7 deadly sins seems to be going well, Although I may redo lust..some folks pointed out she does not look very lusty XD next sin will be greed. Have you ever committed a deadly sin? I must admit I have commited sloth a lot XD


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2012-12-28 17:17:43

"Lust" could use some slightly finer lines and a more "willful" expression I guess.
Let's just say school provoked a lot of bad behavior, and things have continued to improve since then.


2012-12-28 19:32:01

Sin i might have but i don't know which one maybe 3 or 4 ?
Also i guess i should look at your art.

Clueless-queen responds:

thank you! it will be much appreciated :) I think everyone has commited a few sins in their lifetime