Entry #112

pin-up contest deadline extended

2013-04-24 17:10:13 by Clueless-queen

not many people have signed on to the contest so I am extending the deadline to may 30th. If you know someone who would like to enter please share this page with them. I want to see your best pin-up in some sexy undies. Winner gets an art print mailed to them. you can use any medium you choose. Please keep it tasteful though.


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2013-04-24 20:23:05

Was my entry valid, or would you prefer a full body, classic lounging-around-style?

Clueless-queen responds:

have you posted it up yet? your entry is valid ^^ it doesnt have to be full body just as long as we can see their sexy undies XD


2013-04-25 22:45:16

I did! A few posts ago, I put up a link (which I hope still works), with a pair of undies attached to a female type person :)

Clueless-queen responds:

ah ok cool just send me the link and I will post them in the news page


2013-04-26 18:08:36

Hmm, are sexy undies a must? If not: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/4e9f3624f7 3413f1a941b74260d3fc3e

Clueless-queen responds:

that is sorta the aquirement but I guess any sexy pin-up would be cool