Entry #114

pin-up contest news and your opinion

2013-05-11 00:53:30 by Clueless-queen

I have a few entries for the pin-up contest that I will probably put up sunday. Still would like to have some more people join it XD the there is a prize and all you have to do is draw me some sexy pin-ups :) deadline may 30th prize is a print by me that will be mailed to you ^^

also, would you like to see more contests from me?
send me your feedback. Have a good weekend guys <3


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2013-05-11 17:01:23

Are you saying the pin-ups are supposed to be custom-made for this contest? The rules keep changing! :P

Yeah, definitely, contests are lots o fun, with or without prizes... though the prize is definitely an alluring feature. Have a good weekend!

Clueless-queen responds:

they don't have to be custom made exactly. if you have a pin-up piece that you have already done that you are proud of you can submit it or you can create a new piece all together. you can use any medium either traditional or digital :) also it can be a male pin-up or a female one. I guess I worded it wrong in the discription lol sorry for the confusion XD