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pin up contest entries/mental health awarness

2013-05-12 00:52:44 by Clueless-queen

10 more days left in the contest. I have entries submitted and have another being submitted soon. so if anyone wants to enter please do. I would like to start another contest for June. The theme is mental health awareness. so please submit your pin-ups by may 30th ^^ If you have questions about the mental health contest. please let me know. Have a great week everyone!

As promised here are some of the contest entries! the deadline is may 30th so there is still time to enter! send me the link to your pin-up entries and I shall add them as they come in. Thank you for participating!



please share this contest to those you think would be interested :)

Also I made NG user of the day! WHEEE!


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2013-05-12 03:21:49

Don't sweat, I haven't forgotten to submit my picture yet. Either way, I'll be embarrassed, likely.

Clueless-queen responds:

I'm sure it will be awesome! I got some neat entries already as you can see ^^


2013-05-12 18:50:18

Yeah, Killy12's pretty neat, didn't know he could do that :) and TSA's.... very nice!
I'm not competing, just entering. I like to run my own race, do better than I did last time :)

Clueless-queen responds:

I think I may have a drawing that I may send as a prize if the winner does not have a request. Its a pin-up of Holly Would from cool world ^^


2013-05-14 06:01:46

Nice works. I'm not too good with humanoid forms, but seeing as the competition doesn't seem to completely outclass entering amateurs... I might give this a go.

Clueless-queen responds:

Im an amateur myself XD so no need to be shy :) anybody is welcome. Think about it as practice! The more the merrier


2013-05-17 02:55:43

Happy User of the Day! :D

(Updated ) Clueless-queen responds:

omg yay! this made my day awesome lol