Entry #122

bad news but good news

2013-06-22 01:49:46 by Clueless-queen

so...we only had 3 entries in the contest :( so while there wasn't much competition I decided to send the people who did submit to the contest an art print. everybody wins! so:
and of course VicariousE please send me your info and I will send you guys each a shiny art print of a sexy pin-up :)


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2013-06-22 21:51:49

You're right, there wasn't any competition; those two guys were the only ones who had decent entries! Mine looked a blow-up sex doll, smeared on the pavement! Did you have a nice birthday with friends, food, cake and friends?

I don't think I've ever had anything mailed from Canada before, hope this isn't a financial burden for you.

Clueless-queen responds:

nah it doesnt cost much to send the prints. I get a discount at my work to get them printed XD as for my birthday, I spent it sleeping lol