Entry #123


2013-06-24 17:08:52 by Clueless-queen

for the past month I have been working crazy hours what with my two jobs. So I have felt too tired to draw but next week, i have 4 days off. Monday is canada day so we have a long weekend. I wanna draw at least one thing then XD I was thinking of drawing something inspired by The song babushka by kate bush...we will see what happens. Hope you all have a good week


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2013-06-24 17:16:22

Happy National day my fellow Canadian or something like that anyway enjoy your days off.

Clueless-queen responds:

thanks! hope you have a good one too :)


2013-06-25 03:55:18

Like, in babushka dolls? Sounds interesting!

Clueless-queen responds:

not like the dolls no. If you look the song up on youtube you will see what its about :) babuska by kate bush. Its a good song and the music vid is pretty cool


2013-06-25 21:32:15

Sad... I remember the tune and it's ultra simplistic lyrics, but effective. Kate Bush back then though... weird, like A Clockwork Orange kinda weird :) I'm sensing more than one woman to be drawn?

Clueless-queen responds:

Im not to sure. I think I may draw the wife in the song in her two forms...one the sad house wife and the other the sexy warrior queen :) I love kate bush and that song is one of my favs by her