Entry #124

I havent forgotten!

2013-07-01 17:01:37 by Clueless-queen

I havent forgotten about the pin-ups I need to send!. Im kinda broke at the moment but on friday I get paid so I can get the prints done and sent off. my four day mini vacation started sunday...I didn't realize how tired I was lol kinda been lazy and sleeping on and off. tomorrow I wanna start some new art.


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2013-07-01 18:47:25

Happy Canada Day! See, told you sending those pictures was expensive :3 While I'm sorry you're currently broke, I'm glad you had some time for yourself. Despite the current 'in-fashion' trend, I approve of sleep highly!

Clueless-queen responds:

its not that they are expensive its the fact that I don't have any money at all really lol...paying some bills left me with just 5 bucks until pay day. Oh yes, Im getting sleep lol raining constantly this week so it perfect for sleeping