Entry #144

mental health contest entries. 3 days left to enter!

2013-11-12 22:35:09 by Clueless-queen

The deadline for this contest is novemeber 15th. The theme of this contest was mental health. the winner will have a choice for a prize. they can get an art print by me or they can choose to have 15 bucks donated to the mental health organization of their choice and in their name.

here are the entries so far:





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2013-11-14 00:06:55

It's interesting, because I've been dedicating myself to mental control for the last 2 weeks. Did pretty well, considering. What seems to be an odd comfort (now that I think of it), is that certain people can not be reasoned with... defective character traits. For the most part, none of us can change their own nature, just learn to adapt and cope best we can.

Clueless-queen responds: