Entry #167

arts have been made

2015-05-22 23:32:14 by Clueless-queen

I have been drawing again. Im gonna transfer them to my computer and color them in. They are not anything spectacular but it gives me hope that I havent lost my love to draw and create.  I also got a new job which I start tomorrow. another kitchen job :)


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2015-10-18 20:51:02

Hey, how are you?! I've been busy dismantling and storing and dealing with 80 years of accumulated farm stuff the past few months, finally a day or two away from leaving it all behind :(

Clueless-queen responds:

been busy working in a new restaurant actually :)


2015-11-18 23:34:40

I remember your last gig, do you need to speak French at your current restaurant? Nicer place?

Ugh, I'm still living without a fixed residence, and am waiting for a lease to be drawn up, so I can move back into my old place for a few months :\ I'm a small guy and the others don't have time to get things straight.... when there's paying gigs taking up their time

Clueless-queen responds:

sorry for the late reply my job has been keeping me busy and my fiance is ill. The new job is awesome. I dont need french in fact, all the kitchen staff are anglophones like me XD and no one seems bothered by it. they are super nice.

getting back into art is a struggle for me still...I am planning on lowering my depression/anxiety meds to see if that helps my creativity.

I hope you find a new home soon!


2016-03-03 23:27:19

Sorry to hear to your fiance's ill, is he getting any better?

Clueless-queen responds:

we have no idea whats going on. his stomach is really bothering him. the doctors kinda keep throwing us around...hopefully the ct scan will show whats wrong


2016-03-06 17:32:52

Hope it's just a simple bacteria problem that can be cured quickly. I know there's a bug my Ma and I had from drinking Canadian liquor, but it was cured with either Prevacid or the other tummy pill... that was a while ago. How's his stress level, really hope it's not an ulcer :(