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arts have been made

2015-05-22 23:32:14 by Clueless-queen

I have been drawing again. Im gonna transfer them to my computer and color them in. They are not anything spectacular but it gives me hope that I havent lost my love to draw and create.  I also got a new job which I start tomorrow. another kitchen job :)

an apology of sorts

2015-04-13 17:29:46 by Clueless-queen

Im sorry I haven't really made anything new. my job took away free time and also I have been doubting myself now that I'm in between jobs...I hope to take up drawing again. heck, maybe some sort of career will come out of it. I would love that. so thanks to all who support me and root for me. you guys rock. I'm gonna try and not to keep doubting my work. but its hard when you kinda stop doing what you love and then try to get back into it. you have this little ass hat of a voice telling you that you can't do it...

new arts

2015-01-22 02:57:55 by Clueless-queen

two more drawings are going to be made for the food pin up collection. chocolate mousse and strawberry shortcake. Im sleep has been off and my mother in law is going to have heart surgery so it been a bit hectic for me but Im feeling  ok. My creativity has hit me again which is a nice feeling. over the years due to mental health issues my creativity has been faltering but Im getting back each day

new project

2015-01-05 22:59:58 by Clueless-queen

food themed pin-ups! yay! I already posted one up...thinking about doing chocolate next

hey all

2014-10-28 23:25:09 by Clueless-queen

work is tiring me out....I miss you all on here. maybe I will do something soon. I have some time off come christmas so I should be able to work on stuff...

im not dead!

2014-09-29 20:25:37 by Clueless-queen

my hours at my job increased so now im kinda working 9-12 hour days 5 days a week. but I also get more money so that is always good :) Im gonna try drawing some things this weekend

wow 96 fans!

2014-08-05 01:45:03 by Clueless-queen

thanks guys! I appreciate the support :)

vacation is helping

2014-08-02 23:29:04 by Clueless-queen

well, I am working on another drawing. it will be traditional again and a full nude. I am getting some rest and feeling a bit better now that Im rested. so yeah. I hope I can keep up

It seems my new art is not showing up in my art there a glitch going on or???? 

new arts!

2014-08-01 23:23:52 by Clueless-queen

Ta da!  the quality is kinda shitty but oh wells at least I have something submitted. Im on vacation! I have 2 weeks off which is nice. Im sleeping alot so that nice. anyhoo enjoy the new art. more maybe comming we shall see